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At Mattingly Security Inc. we realize that

although many companies see the need for

increased Security at their facilities, they may

feel that it is either not necessary or

economically feasible to have a Security Officer

on duty at all times.  For this reason, Mattingly Security Inc. offers Security Patrol Services in select areas.  By using Mattingly Security Inc. Security Patrol Services your company may enjoy:

  1.     Decreased Insurance Premiums.
  2.     A Safer Work Environment.
  3.     Reduced Crime.
  4.     Less Liability for Employee Safety.
  5.     Parking lots free from Loitering, Vandalism, and Violence.
  6.     Assistance and Safety for Employee and Patrons having Car Trouble on your property.
  7.     Greater Employee Retention.
  8.     Crime Prevention and Awareness Seminars available to employees.
  9.     Appreciative Employees.
  10.     Peace of Mind

 Mattingly Security Inc. is well known as the premiere company for training and providing the most professionally trained Security Officers in the business.  All Mattingly Security Inc. Security Patrol Officers will be uniformed and will have background checks, initial and ongoing Security training, pre-employment and random drug testing.  All Security Patrol Officers will be covered under $3,000,000 liability insurance and their performance can be tracked at any time using an electronic Security Officer Patrol Monitoring System.

If you would like a quote on the services Mattingly Security Inc. offers, please call the number above or visit our website to set up a meeting that will get you on the road to a safer, more secure facility.